Learn to fight the cops: Militant Street Tactics

Download the zine here.

Check out the new zine from Students for Queer Liberation (SQL), Militant Street Tactics: Pushing and Pulling.

It is not possible for us to simply avoid confrontation with cops or fascists: if there is anything the last few months of organizing against the genocide in Gaza have taught us, it is that we could face repression regardless of how ‘peaceful’ we are, and that this repression will only keep getting worse—unless we fight it.

This new zine seeks to introduce some fundamental concepts of enacting as well as defending from physical force in the context of rallies, community defenses, and antifascist actions.

This is in no way a comprehensive guide to navigating all forms of physical confrontation that could occur on the ground. However, we hope this zine can equip people with tools that can keep us safer from police and zionist violence at mass actions - and inspire us to build toward a more militant and more effective movement.

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