This is a shared calendar for Palestinian 🇵🇸 solidarity events in Toronto and surrounding areas:

Protests, sit-ins, teach-ins, vigils, town halls, webinars, petitions, and others.

This is NOT a replacement for Signal -- anyone can see your listing, cops and trolls included.

This site is simply a calendar created to keep track of the amazing initiatives all over the city.

There is no tracking and no signup. Events can be submitted anonymously.

Anonymously submitted events must be approved before they are listed, and you won't be able to edit/update them later.

If you are a community organizer and frequently put on events, you can request an account - this lets you create and update your own listings.

To request an account, contact us by email at [email protected]

Please bookmark and share this site widely. Fuck capitalism, fuck colonialism, ACAB. Palestine will be free within our lifetimes.